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Photographs from the production
by Foster Entertainment

Director Richard Foster (right) is filming "So This is Christmas" in Tulsa. It is one of three feature films now being shot in Oklahoma. JAMES GIBBARD/Tulsa World

Director Richard Foster (center) goes over the script with his actors Lexi Ainsworth (left) and Bryan Massey during the filming of the movie "So This is Christmas." JAMES GIBBARD/Tulsa World

Director Richard Foster (right) signals his movie crew as actors Lexi Ainsworth and Bryan Massey prepare for the filming of a scene in "So This is Christmas," which is being shot in the Tulsa area. JAMES GIBBARD/Tulsa World

A film crew prepares to film another scene from the movie "So This is Christmas," filmed in Tulsa, on Oct. 18. JAMES GIBBARD/ Tulsa World.

Director Richard Foster meets with Art Anthony, make-up head, Deborah Foster, producer, and Sha'ree Green, 1st AD.

Setting up for a night exterior at the Lane House.

Laying the dolly track in mid air. What an awesome crew!

Richard lines up a shot with Lexi Ainsworth and Sasha the dog as Willy on the mid air dolly track.

Gettin' down in the club with the Micro Galaxians. Lexi Ainsworth and Cassidee Vandalia at the table in the center.

Richard and vivica Fox

Richard and Vivica Fox review the photos for the band poster for McClurg Court.

Lexi Ainsworth and Eric Roberts

Lexi Ainsworth and Eric Roberts relax on the set of the garage sale.

Richard and Bryan Massey

Richard and Bryan Massey go over a scene on the garage sale set.

Richard and Titus Makin Jr.

Richard, Derrick Snow and Titus Makin Jr. review a scene at Will Rogers High School.

night fight

The set for the night scene at Geo's hangout next to MacNellies in downtown Tulsa.

Vivica Fox and Sasha

Vivica Fox with Sasha the dog and their trainers Adrian & Carla Wright.

Richard at the finder

Richard lining up a shot on the set of So This Is Christmas.